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We work with companies, government departments and non-governmental organizations in Canada, Mexico and the United States to tell stories that resonate, engage and transform audiences.

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Making you look good, makes us look good

Our mission is to meet all of your communications and marketing needs and to make a strong, lasting impression on your target audience.

For the past 25 years, RiverRoad Creative has grown into a social enterprise that benefits people, wildlife and landscapes across Canada and globally

Barbara Robinson

Founder, RiverRoad Creative

I founded RiverRoad Creative in 2005 after a decade working in Ottawa with Environment Canada as the Canadian Communications Coordinator for an international habitat conservation program with Mexico and the United States. 

Known as one of the most successful environmental partnership initiatives in the world, it focused on sound science and collaboration across North American landscapes for the benefit of wetlands, wildlife and people. I worked with wonderful partners across the continent—it is largely thanks to them that I gained a strong foundation of communications and marketing experience and had the courage to boldly venture out on my own.

Over 15 years later, I have taken that expertise from working in the conservation world and applied it other sectors–agriculture and food, education, sustainable development, alternative energy and more. I believe strongly and am optimistic that we can make the world a better place, no matter what our industry.

When not working to help save the planet (a full-time job!) I enjoy running, hiking, skiing, cycling, tennis, horseback riding (dressage), food (mostly eating), art (portrait photography), dogs (my duck tolling retriever), learning (about everything).

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Values close to our heart


We want to learn more about you, and we’ll do that by listening.


We want the world to know and understand your brand as much as you do.


We work with the best talent in the business.


We value diversity, equity and inclusion.

Environmental Responsibility

We’re all for taking care of the planet by being responsible stewards of the environment and we can work with you to do the same.

High Standards

Our reputation is built on the relationships we have developed and the projects we have led over the years.


We’re humans, too, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously—we’re actually fun to work with!

The word on the river


RiverRoad Creative helped us research, plan, create and execute a limited fundraising campaign…. the campaign targeted foundations that had no prior history with our organization and it was a success.

William (Bill) Jones | Senior Development Officer: Major Gift, Corporate Partnerships,

Ducks Unlimited Canada


RiverRoad Creative's talents are based more on strategic vision, intuition and insights; it goes beyond the average communications skill sets.

Trevor Swerdfager| Professor, University of Waterloo & former Senior ADM,

Fisheries and Oceans Canada


RiverRoad Creative’s communication skills and keen understanding of the grant priorities contributed significantly to our successful application.

Shirley Hunt | Executive Director,

Up and Running Guelph


RiverRoad Creative worked with representatives from the United States and Mexico on continental communications products, events and campaigns. They are excellent collaborators and understand the diplomacy and tact needed to work on multinational and multilingual programs.

Pat Kehoe | Director of International Partnerships,

Ducks Unlimited Canada


Barbara at RiverRoad Creative is an absolute wizard with words! She is wonderful to work with and collaborate with. A rare gem!

Nikki Lamb Tudico | President,

Lamb Creative Group


RiverRoad Creative is a pleasure to work with – their positive attitude and knowledge of environmental sustainability issues and communications expertise them a leader in the field.

Karen Brown, former ADM,

Environment Canada


RiverRoad Creative are true professionals with tremendous creativity and superior organizational skills. I really hope that we get the chance to continue working with them on future projects.

Jim Lawrence | Global Program Development Manager,

BirdLife International


RiverRoad Creative was our Canadian team lead for the BirdLife World Congress held at the Ottawa Convention Centre in June 2013 and attended by more than 120 countries. From a Canadian perspective, much of the success of the Congress can be attributed to their efforts.

Dr. George Finney | Retired President,

Bird Studies Canada


RiverRoad Creative’s experience, talent and creativity resulted in two outstanding products for the Joint Venture – the design concepts and slogans continue to be used for many of our other communications products and initiatives.

Deanna Dixon | PHJV Coordinator,

Environment and Climate Change Canada


RiverRoad Creative worked with our department for nearly a decade. She has an excellent understanding of and sensitivity to Indigenous issues and federal government communications needs and policies.

Dan Maruska | Retired Communications Advisor,

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada